Tips on Dissertation Formatting

At this point, you have probably finished jotting your dissertation, and now it is time to polish your work for presentation.

Format your script well

Different universities have got their guidelines for formatting. You should know the requirements of your institution before submitting it.

In essence, all dissertations have a section of the abstract, table of contents, acknowledgments, and lists of tables and figures. Make sure that you insert page numbers that mirror the placement in the table of contents. You should also ensure that each chapter begins on a new page and that you have referenced your work. Take your time while formatting as you will want a revamped piece when you are presenting it to your supervisor.


Make a habit of having someone go through your work before you submit. It is easy to skip errors when you write and proofread your work. That is why a second or third party should get involved.

Seek feedback from your supervisor

Your supervisor will be the greatest asset you will have as you gear on to finish your dissertation. If by chance you get a tutor who has the will to go through your chapters, grab the opportunity, and use it well since they have the experience and will give you the necessary guidelines to follow. Keep in mind that your supervisor is only human, and he/she may feel disjointed when you send them a long article to go through. Have the habit of sending your work per chapter for easy guidance.

Look for feedback from your peers

You may be faced with a lot of setbacks, especially when you cannot meet your supervisor or when they are busy responding to your emails. When faced with this issue, an alternative resource is your classmates or seniors. As they are at the same level as you, you may find that their comments may not satisfy you like the ones you could get from the tutor. It is for this reason that the changes made by them should get reviewed before getting implemented.

Purchasing feedback

Some students get unsatisfied with the feedback they get from both their supervisors and peers. Many times, it is due to late submission or vague feedback. You could then go to a third party to assist you to proofread your work. It could be anyone within your discipline.

Tips on doing your appendices

These are the sections of documents that fall at the end of the dissertation. Organize them in a way that is logical and in the manner in which they appear in your script. You can either use numbers to list them or utilize letters. If you have graphs and tables, make sure you appropriately format your work to avoid spilling them over many pages. Note that the font should be consistent in the whole document. It also helps the reader to skim through the appendices and know what is going on in your script.


The process of formatting can be daunting for many people. As it is the endgame for your work, you may be a little worn out at this stage, but you must make the best out of it. Nailing it can make a difference between you and your classmates.