Plan Your Dissertation Writing Process Following Our Advice

If you don’t plan to buy dissertation written by somebody else, you should learn to compose your paper properly by yourself. First of all, you should know what chapters your paper should consist of and what to include in them. Otherwise, you might plan your work poorly and structure your thesis in a bad way.

Help with Dissertation Writing: Chapters to Compose

  1. Writing the introduction. The first chapter of your paper should provide the context for the following ones. First of all, it should clearly indicate what topic you’re researching and why your work is important. Also, the introduction should clarify the main terms you’ll use in the following chapters to make sure your readers will understand you clearly.
  2. Writing the literature review. In this chapter, you should let your readers know about the schools of thought and previously written works that you relied upon in your research. There is no need to describe each book and article you’ve examined for your project, however. Write only about the most important works.
  3. Writing the methodology description. This chapter should tell the readers about the methods you’ve chosen for your study. First, you should write about your general methodology and explain why you’ve selected it. Then, you should describe in detail each activity you engaged in during your work to achieve your goals.
  4. Writing the presentation of results. This section should present the outcomes of your research to your readers. First, it’s important to show the raw data. Next, you should explain the meaning of your findings. Lastly, you should discuss the significance of your study for the field.
  5. Writing the conclusion. In this chapter, you should remind the reader about the goal of your research and wrap up everything presented earlier. Also, the chapter should suggest to your readers how they can continue your study.

Looking for Dissertation Assistance

Composing a thesis is a long and difficult task. You might need to get some assistance from other people during your work. Here are the options you can use:

Now that you know what chapters your thesis should include, it’ll be much easier for you to plan your writing process. Keep in mind, however, that writing the text of your paper is one of the last steps for you to take. First, you’ll have to select a proper topic for your project, read plenty of relevant literature, and conduct thorough research. If you don’t work hard when taking these steps, you aren’t likely to write a winning paper.