Dissertation Formatting: 10 Points You Must Know

If you don’t intend to use dissertation writing services, you’ll have to write and format your paper by yourself. Although theses can be formatted differently, depending on the style indicated in your assignment guidelines, there are a few things related to formatting that you should know no matter what style you should follow.

PhD Dissertation Writing Help: Formatting Points to Remember

  1. Double-spacing. You should double space the entire text of your paper, including the appendices, abstract, and so on. Footnotes and bibliographical entries are exceptions, however.
  2. Page margins. The margins on all the sides of the page should be equal to one inch.
  3. Page numbers. Throughout your entire document, you should have page numbers at the top right corner of every page.
  4. Page headings. Particular formatting styles, such as the APA style, require you to create page headings. Each style has its own requirements to “running heads.” However, they have one thing in common: page headings should be on every page.
  5. Quotations. If you quote the source used in your research, it’s important to format your quotation in accordance with the needed style. Otherwise, you might be accused of plagiarism.
  6. Footnotes and endnotes. If you reference a book in your text for the first time, you should include a footnote that will include the author’s name, title of the book, publication information, and the page number you’re referring to.
  7. Tables. Tables are formatted in many different ways in dissertation papers. Pay special attention to the requirements of your style to this matter. Tables are always numbered with Arabic numerals, however.
  8. Figures. Graphs, charts, diagrams, and other similar items are called figures if generalized. You should insert a figure immediately after a paragraph that it was mentioned in. If a figure is too big, it should be placed at the beginning of the following page.
  9. Graphs. If you need to include a graph in your text, you should remember that you should place the graph legend immediately after it. The graph should be flushed to the left margin.
  10. Images. All the images you use in your paper should be of high quality. If you use images from somebody else’s works, make sure to indicate to whom these images originally belong to.

A Reliable Way to Order Online Dissertations

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Now, you know the basic things about formatting your thesis. Remember, however, that to format your paper correctly, you’ll have to follow many other requirements relevant to a particular style stated by your university.